Custom Christmas ornaments

I was so pleased when a friend of mine, who has purchased several pieces of my art, asked me to create her custom Christmas ornaments to give to her family. I jumped at the chance… And then I sat and didn’t do anything.

I had originally wanted to gelli print them, because I love the look you get from transferring the shape of the actual item (in this case, holly.) But, I couldn’t find holly of a size that would fit the size of the wooden discs.

After a bunch of “hemming and hawing,” I decided to just paint the holly and add some berries. In a short couple of hours the ornaments were all done, complete with a custom message to her family on the back.

I’m pleased with how they turned out and she is too, which is what matters most.

I’m still here!

Hi Guys! Sorry for the radio silence. We spent most of July having house guests and traveling – plus it was my birthday, so I was happy to celebrate turning 42! If you know me personally, you may remember that I celebrated my 40th birthday by being discharged from the hospital after having my right cancerous breast removed. Woohoo! So although I turned 42 years old, I celebrated this as my 2nd birthday without cancer in my life. I took a month away from social media in August, and I just didn’t feel like writing a blog post.

So here we are – September! I was somewhat productive in the time I was offline. I have started making journals, in addition to painting with watercolors and soft pastels. Let’s see if I have any good pictures to share.


These are a couple watercolor greeting cards I painted the other day. I will be making more, I’ve just fallen down the rabbit hole of journal-making currently (reference photos: Photo on  and Photo by Breno Machado on Unsplash)


This was one of my first hand-stitched journals that is not just a simple pamphlet stitch. It contains four signatures that are bound together, and they are then attached to the cover, which I painted with watercolor crayons, by a ribbon. I think it turned out quite pretty. Reference photo – Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Then I made some personal size traveler’s journals using Kraft-tex, hemp cord, and vintage buttons. I also found some really pretty patterned cardstock in my stash from a decade ago as well as my local Michael’s. I used that, as well as some vintage typewriter paper that was my grandmom’s, to make the inserts and coordinating folder.

Then I modified a tutorial that I saw on Youtube by Lyriclover810 to make another variety of journal. I used some of that patterned cardstock that I bought at Michaels’ to make the cover and the journal inserts and folder. It is about 5×7.

Let me know if I should record a video with flip-through of the different journals. Leave a comment with your opinion.

Lastly, I also started gelli printing with my homemade gelli plate. I made a journal out of the print on the left side above. It has four signatures sewn into it. The prints on the right side are on canvas sheets from the pad. I am still thinking about how I want to make those journals.

I have quite a collection growing, so have decided to set up a table at the craft show at the church we attend. I might also start up an Etsy shop or something similar. Watch this space…

So what do I have planned for the rest of the month? Probably make another journal or two and paint a few more watercolor cards. I hope to sell enough to at least pay for my table fee – if I can sell more than that, that would help offset the cost of my art supplies. Wish me luck!