A little about me…

Growing up, I didn’t create art. Crafty things, yes. Music, absolutely. I had wanted to learn to draw from an early age, but never had the time to take courses at school because it was expected that I would study math and science so I could go on to have a stable career. I did it too – I ultimately ended up becoming a pharmacist and enjoyed it. But I still always wanted to create art.

In 2012, my father and I went to Spain so that he could attend a guitar building workshop. I traveled throughout Spain, but I also met an artist who was living in the same small town and she showed me that anyone can learn to draw. After attending one of her small drawing classes I rushed to the local shop and purchased a sketch pad, pencils, and an eraser. I sketched a lot during my time in Spain. But, when I returned home my everyday life seemed to get in the way and I didn’t make the time for creating art. Fast forward six years – I was married, had a young child, and had completed my treatment for an aggressive form of cancer. I decided that I wanted to paint, so I watched a YouTube video on painting an iris with watercolors. I used some random supplies I had lying around and created that iris. It was beautiful and I was hooked!

In the last two years I have broadened my interested and I love so many media – watercolor, drawing, mixed media, semi-abstract loveliness, soft pastels, monoprinting, gelli printing… the list goes on.

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