Scammers :/

I’ve been working on a custom portrait of two cute doggies for the past few weeks (minus the time that my son’s school was closed for mold!) The dog parent loves the paintings and I posted them on social media – only to attract the attention of a scammer…

I try to stay pragmatic when someone I don’t know suggests a commission but today’s conversation went on way longer than I expected. My first clue should have been the long name with multiple underscores and then a number at the end. Then they didn’t completely answer my questions. I was starting to think it was a scam and then they started to tell me they can only do a digital copy of a check for me to deposit. RED FLAG!

So, I ended the conversation, politely. Remind me to never use the hashtag “commission” again. Though, I am totally open to commissions, just not the scam variety.