Summer Markets

It’s almost halfway through the summer markets and I’m just now getting around to sharing my news. I am so proud to share that I have been and will be at the Mebane Maker’s Market, in the town where I live, on the first Saturday of each month. This market goes through the first Saturday in September – the next market date is THIS Saturday, July 2nd.

I also partook in a Last Friday’s Art Walk in downtown Hillsborough, NC in May and had a great time!

I’m still adjusting to figuring out what works best in my display and how much art to take with me. I am figuring out how best to hang my works on canvas. I have a new plan for canvas hanging but requires me to purchase a few new items, one of which is online, and I’m not sure I’ll have the online purchase in time for this Saturday’s market, but I’m going to try! I would love to have this new display set up for hanging a large graffiti heart painting.

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen that I have started to create jewelry with metal clay. I so enjoy coming up with interesting designs and I’m learning so much about the process and ways to improve.

Stay tuned next month as I start POTTERY CLASS! I’m so excited to dive back into clay work – I haven’t created in this media since college but I got a pottery wheel for my birthday last year and I want to learn how to use it!


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