new Online shop!!

I have used the time I have been spending in bed (long story short, my back is broken because of a tumor on my spine – I’m in treatment and healing, but it still stinks) to move my online shop from Etsy to Square and it is now complete, woohoo!!

So, my new shop web address is

Go ahead and check it out if you’d like. I have some newer paintings and some older ones. I need to take high resolution scans of some of my earlier paintings so I can offer greeting cards and other goodies.

If you decide to check it out, I have a discount code for the opening week which is — OW20OFF it stands for opening week 20% off. The code is on the site as well and it’s probably best to copy and paste the discount code so you don’t have any mix ups between the letter O and the number 0.

Thanks for tuning in and I hope to share more of my in process art – I’m in the early stages of a self portrait that I hope to have completed in time to submit to the self portrait competition at Jerry’s Arterama.

Author: Brandi

Hi there, this is Brandi. I'm a pharmacist who works a very funny schedule, all week long but only every other week. As a result I'm off half the year plus vacation time. What do I do in all that time off? Good question... maybe if I start documenting it I'll know too:) Just kidding! I spend a lot of time on domestics: fixing up my house, cooking, sewing, knitting and of course bonding with my darling dog Darcy. I actually have the time and money to travel a bit, finally, so I will try to do that often on my week off. To my friends, this may be the quickest way to see what's going on in my life while I'm away.

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