Chaos Painting

I have been creating, even if I haven’t been posting!

I am almost done creating four or five miniature little golden book photo album/journals – these will have all cardstock weight patterned paper interspersed with the full pages from the original book.  The front and back of each page of cardstock have a mat for a photo to be glued onto it. I think they are cute and can’t wait to finish them and so I can post them in my Etsy shop.

I have been painting with watercolor, occasionally, but I really need to budget the time to actually work on the semi-abstract watercolor landscape class I am registered for online. I have done most of the sections that are theory and reading but haven’t actually done any of the tasks. Instead, I have been working on reductive painting with acrylics after completing a couple of online classes that I purchased from Amanda Freund. I really love her bright colors and slightly abstracted flower paintings. I am using up all the watercolor paper that I have, but don’t love, by making chaos layers with either watercolors or acrylic paints, though I think I’m going to use some of my acrylic inks for my next round of chaos layers. Amanda has generously been providing occasional live classes on Instagram during this quarantine period (plus she had loads of short tutorials in her stories on Instagram.)

I am still learning, and I am loving that I am getting looser with my style, but I have made some gorgeous iris paintings right now that I love. I think I might list those in my Etsy shop too because although I love them I do not need to have 7 paintings of irises on my walls – especially since I keep making more.

The first Instagram live lesson was painting cats – I made three and think they are pretty cool.

The second lesson was a wildflower meadow landscape – I made about seven of these paintings. I feel compelled to use purple paints a lot, probably because I know my son loves purple, and so about 4 of the 7 are purple wildflowers. My son has claimed two of the paintings for his room, but I think that 3 of the remaining 5 are pretty awesome, so I might put those in my Etsy shop too.


The third lesson is on the hydrangea flower. A section of one of her online courses teaches how to paint hydrangea, but I still am not loving my results yet, so I look forward to another lesson on that flower. I have watched the video and taken notes – the next step is to paint it!




Author: Brandi

Hi there, this is Brandi. I'm a pharmacist who works a very funny schedule, all week long but only every other week. As a result I'm off half the year plus vacation time. What do I do in all that time off? Good question... maybe if I start documenting it I'll know too:) Just kidding! I spend a lot of time on domestics: fixing up my house, cooking, sewing, knitting and of course bonding with my darling dog Darcy. I actually have the time and money to travel a bit, finally, so I will try to do that often on my week off. To my friends, this may be the quickest way to see what's going on in my life while I'm away.

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