Natalie crop top, take 3

I think I have perfected the Natalie crop top/bra from Ooh Lulu (available as a PDF download on Etsy). But first, let me give a quick summary of take 2. Despite my intentions of making a size L with the second bra – I made the original size. It was less successful because the fabric was a rayon/spandex blend that was stretchy but wanted to hang – not a good combination for a bra only half filled, especially if the side that has a breast is still kind of large (I was 38 DDD before mastectomy). So, it’s better constructed than the first bra, but fits worse. It is now the property of my mom.

Version 3 is made with a very spandex-y fabric. I don’t know it’s exact composition, nor where it was purchased because it has been in my stash for probably four years. All I know is it is a pretty neutral color (taupe?) and was nice and stretchy without being saggy. I made size L as planned and I shorted the shoulder seams by taking them in 1.5 inches from the outside. To change up the construction, I skipped the neckline fabric bands and used clear elastic to hem the neck. I sewed a single fold with zigzag for the armholes. For the underbust I did use a band. THe band is wider than the previous versions and also a little smaller in circumference. I also modified how I stretched the band to attach to the bra. I am not symmetrical – losing one breast will do that to you – so why should my band be symmetrically attached. I chose to attach it without any stretch on the side where I have no breast. I thought that might minimize pressure on that side of my body because it still feels heavy sometimes and I can’t have things too tight on it. I tried it on and it feels great. I will wear it all day tomorrow to see that it is still comfortable before making as many as I can from the remaining fabric.

Thanks for tuning in!

Author: Brandi

Hi there, this is Brandi. I'm a pharmacist who works a very funny schedule, all week long but only every other week. As a result I'm off half the year plus vacation time. What do I do in all that time off? Good question... maybe if I start documenting it I'll know too:) Just kidding! I spend a lot of time on domestics: fixing up my house, cooking, sewing, knitting and of course bonding with my darling dog Darcy. I actually have the time and money to travel a bit, finally, so I will try to do that often on my week off. To my friends, this may be the quickest way to see what's going on in my life while I'm away.

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