RTW Fast 2018

A couple months ago, a blog that I follow (goodbyevalentino.com) announced that it was hosting a year of no ready-to-wear (RTW) for 2018 and was encouraging readers to join in. This came at a perfect time for me, because I have been wanting to have a handmade wardrobe for quite some time, and I have an asymmetric body (temporarily until my second mastectomy) and therefore ready-made clothes don’t seem to fit well.

So this is my first post about what I have sewn in 2018. I’m not brave enough to post a picture of me wearing this garment for the whole world to see.


I made the Ooh Lulu Natalie Crop top that I purchased from Etsy. I have been eyeing this pattern for a while but bit the bullet a couple days ago and purchased it. My intention with this garment is as a soft bra. I am still tender from my radiation wounds after mastectomy and wanted something snug but not too tight around my chest.

Size wise, I made the XXL based on what my pre-surgery measurements were and my current waist size, however, it is looser than I would like. I modified the assembly slightly. I didn’t care for the fold over elastic (FOE) so I cut it off after sewing it on and then made self-fabric bands for the underbust and the neckline. I also just turned the armscye under once and zigzagged it. I topstitched with zigzag around the band placement also. It’s not perfect – note some irregular thicknesses of the neckline band – but overall I like it. I’ll have more control with the next one I make!

Next time I will be making size L and I’ll also take in the outside of the shoulder by 1 1/2 inches because it was loose and flapping over my shoulder and down my arm.

I’ll definitely be wearing this bra though because it is comfy despite being a bit too big.




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